The journey is my home

After nearly 10 years, I finally got to meet one of my favorite tattoo artists of all time. I flew to NYC for the weekend to hang out with a dear friend of mine, visit my sister who’s studying at Cooper Union and to make the trek out to Queens to meet Johann Florendo.

After nearly four hours in the chair, here’s my new addition !

This tattoo was incredibly painless, except for about 15 seconds of wincing, it was NOTHING compared to my foot. I can’t recommend Johann enough. It was a real pleasure, and DAMN, he’s good.

6 Responses to “The journey is my home”

  1. Twwly Says:

    Unless you decide to tattoo your vagina next, practically nothing will feel as bad as your foot. ;)

    Your arm looks beautiful and I am jealous you got to meet Johann!

  2. Liz Says:

    What a beautiful tattoo and so “you”! I love it!!

  3. miike Says:

    that is amazing!

  4. Timothy Says:

    That is one damn good-lookin’ tattoo. I love the colour of the sails. And the waves. Gorgeous.

  5. angela Says:

    AMAZING tattoo! <3 <3 <3! Yeah… I really have nothing else to add, but couldn't contain my excitement!

  6. bonnie Says:

    Wow, beautiful! I love it!

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