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After a busy season with Pip I feel lethargic towards just about everything in my spare time, including blogging. I have lost all drive to continue writing Ash’s newsletters and Clive and I have slowed down photographing him too. What used to be a 30 picture/day habit has turned into a 30 picture/month habit, if we’re lucky. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe my iPhone, because that’s always what I grab if I want photo evidence.

As you can see, Ash is writing his name (but has been writing letters for six months or so), and now can read two and three-letter words (also easily reads the word “cancel” for some reason) on his own. It’s pretty awesome to watch, especially seeing as he’s not yet 3.5 years old. He’s been reading letters of words that he comes across and asks what they say, and in the past couple of weeks has been asking how to spell words (today he asked how to spell “help” for example). I hope to have him reading more by the age of four, but it’s not like we practice daily nor do I push him to do these things- it’s a self-directed interest.

In the past while I’ve read my first non-parenting book in years (Into the Wild), experimented in needle felting, been promoted as Manager of Nurtured, and the owner will soon be off having her third (unexpected) child and the pressure is on to continue to make our little natural parenting store a success. I love my job. Really, really, really.

Clive is suffering from a 5+ day flu right now and it appears he’s given it to Ash so I feel like I should be next in line and have been told that chia, garlic, vitamin d, onions in every room, and advice from a local naturopath was to get my coritzol levels up (by not sleeping, not resting, just go-go-go) that my body wouldn’t respond to the virus and therefore I wouldn’t get sick. Easier said than done since I really like sleeping. “Too bad” Ash has been sleeping through the night and I actually feel like a normal human being now (unlike the first 2.5 years of his life). So wish me luck that I don’t get sick. This is pretty much the worst week EVER to get ill.

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  1. Timothy Says:

    Real life taking precedence over blogging can often be a great thing. :)

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