A Word to the Wise

It’s still 10 degrees here and we haven’t had more than two days of sun in the past month. This is the most depressing Spring-end I’ve ever experienced. No one can stop talking about how miserable they are because of all the rain we’ve had here.

Ash is getting so big. I keep looking at him and realizing that he’s going to be four years old soon- he’s not a toddler at all. He’s a real kid. I love my days with him. This weekend we went on a trip to a Heratige Museum and I was transported back to my childhood. No, I didn’t have to sleep in a bed stuffed with hay, but the chicken coup and barn smelled exactly like my childhood. The stove that they were dying wool on was a replica of the stove we used to heat two of my childhood homes. The door latches where the ones that my house used. When my parents bought my childhood home it didn’t have indoor plumbing so we used an outhouse until they got it installed and then every summer when our well went dry we used it. I don’t remember disliking it except for when we had to go first thing in the morning and the grass was still cold and dewy. So strange that the way I grew up is memorialized in a museum and city kids spend $6/person to catch a glimpse of what it would have been like. As if they can imagine.


There’s been a lot of change around here lately. The business that I work for was sold on March 1, devastatingly so. I lost one of my best friends- the founder of the company- the person who went against the grain of how business is usually run and turned her business into a woman and mother-positive community-focused center. She had her third baby and moved to New Brunswick. A totally admirable decision that led her towards her ultimate happiness, but it certainly has effected my overall career happiness. Since the takeover it’s turned into something somewhat different, even though it hasn’t reached its final form yet, and I’m really trying to keep it as much the same as I possibly can. The founder left big shoes to fill that I honestly don’t think anyone would be able to fill.

My best friend moved an hour away so that her son (my son’s best friend) could attend a Waldorf school in September. Soon, another one of my best friends and favorite coworkers will be moving to Ontario. As someone who spent most of my 20s moving away from other people, it’s a really different feeling to be the one staying put while everyone important to me moves on. It’s a sad feeling.


I went to Birth Doula training last weekend and it was wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the birth community for the past couple of years and plan on getting my certification. I am especially interested in becoming a Post Partum Doula, and will strive to achieve that goal within the next year or so.


Besides that, I am just keeping on keeping on.

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  1. Timothy Says:

    Birth Doula training sounds like it’d be right up your alley. Congratulations on taking the plunge. I’d love to go back to school and gain a new skill.

  2. starbadger Says:

    Besides that, I am just keeping on keeping on.

    Thank you. You are a gifted writer.

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